Sunday, June 22, 2014

DVD Movie Review #131 Amityville: It's About Time

Hello again I am back yet again with another of my wondrous movie reviews. This time I am covering one of the off films in the Amityville series called Amityville: Its about Time. This is one of those low cost films I found at the 2 for $3 at Moviestop. I am always up for a haunted house flick and this is fun.

This film takes place in a happy home where the sister of a fairly successful developer has come to live with the family and go back to school. Unfortunately a strange antique clock has come into the family and this clock seems to have strange satanic time control powers leading to make this place a strange satanic time wormhole...thing.

Well I love psychological elements of madness when it comes to film and this film is really fun trip down the rabbit hole of madness. The elements are disturbing but not disturbing enough that i have to look away from the screen. The acting is so so and the music is worth while. The Makeup is not too bad from the time it is coming from and at the same time it is unrealistic enough that I am not flinching.

Ok well now that we have that sorted out this story is so mad that I think that even the writers had a touch of it. I don't know exactly where it starts but there is a point where you are so lost in the madness that by the time the story ends you are left scratching your head in confusion. Ok well other than that this is not really that different from any other horror film with but a trifling connection to the Amityville series.

In the end this is a maddening journey that will leave you confused and upset.

Rating:     5/10

Used:     $21.40   Amazon Canada

New:     $54.98   Ebay

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