Sunday, June 15, 2014

DVD Movie Review #129 Project X

Hello all and welcome to the next in my lineup of exciting DVD and Blu Ray reviews. Well this one comes fro the Blu Ray side and its called Project X. My girlfriend asked me a long time ago about Project X reporting that she loved that film. I said "Oh yeah I really liked that Matthew Broderick film!" Well I was wrong and this was a different Project X sort of a found footage comedy bit. I was crazy one day and at the Movie Stop found it for $10 on Blu Ray so I said "what the heck let's see what she's talking about". She also told me that I need to have had a few drinks before this one was seen so it took me a while but I did finally see it slightly intoxicated last night.

Well this film follows three friends in their trek for the perfect party planning. They are celebrating their friend's birthday and find it is the best excuse to get laid. Well the three and their hired friend from the A/V department set to video tap the disaster set off to go about having the most outrageous high school birthday party the world has ever seen. All for the quest for popularity and getting laid!

As things go this film was well thought out. I have to admit with the way this was filmed and what was going on I appreciate the originality. This is pretty well acted as far as any film of this genre is concerned. The effects used were pretty well appropriate and I did feel it was done believably. I did really want to strangle these kids after this was over and that plays well into things. Oh yeah, there is a lot of topless nudity.

Well this film was an exercise in frustration. I am not sure intoxication helped this point thought it did help me appreciate the nudity more. This film felt a little shaky to me and others like Superbad were done much better in my opinion. Though my main grip is the way this film ends. It feels like in the end they destroyed the neighborhood but it was well worth it as they got the holy grail of teenagers...popularity. Despite the disclaimer at the beginning of this film it has been recreated many times since this film came out and these teens are seeing real results. I am not really happy with this result and much like Fast and Furious I don't wish to endorse this film with a great rating.

In the end this is a party film don't take it seriously.

Rating: 6/10

This is the unrated Blu Ray edition

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