Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DVD Movie Review #132 Take the Money and Run

Hello again and welcome to another of my DVD movie reviews. This time I am covering a classic Woody Allen Film "Take the Money and Run". This film is actually Woody Allen's first film that he fully wrote and directed making this a fun choice and a historical favorite

This film follows a character that from a young age has turned to crime to solve his problems. His biggest issue...he sucks at it. He must try and choose between a happy family life or one that will result in him living out his life in jail. Enjoy the slap stick hilarity that follows.

This film is a classic Woody Allen comedy. The elements of slapstick comedy and witty remarks are reminiscent of masters like the Marx Brothers and Charlie Chaplin which were big inspirations. The gags are very funny and witty lasting through multiple viewings and allowing you to feel the fun after multiple viewings. The acting is spot on with great music to accentuate the point.

In the end Woody Allen may be the film's weak point as well as its strength. The acting for him is of a character that he portrays in most of his films so I can't really give him credit here. The music is dated and shoot I believe that they recycled most of this soundtrack when they came out with Austin Powers in later years.

I believe this is a good film but like all Woody Allen Productions is flawed.

Rating:   7/10

This is the original Anchor Bay release. When you buy a Woody Allen Film you don't really get much in the way of special features but this in turn is a collectors item as the main movie is pretty rare.

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