Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 7/1/14

Hello again and welcome to the next in my lineup of Blue Ray and DVD updates. This is a good opportunity to explore new films and I hope that I will be winning a contest that I have spent a good week making out applications for (it is odd that they have something where you can win and don't have a limit on entries, hard work and time hopefully will pay off here.) Any case they are drawing at the end of the month on my birthday (keeping my fingers crossed).
Family Guy Volume 12 6/25/14: I used to have something against this series but when I got volumes 1-10 from ebay for $30 I started watching and actually really enjoyed this. After they got their re-start the quality became a little hit or miss but still worth continuing the series. I went ahead and caught up to this when I was getting a gift for my mother and needed a cart topper. It was a pretty cheap buy so I am pretty happy with it in the end.
Terror Vision/The Video Dead 6/30/14: I managed to win an online contest with a fellow DVD collector who had ordered a large amount of Shout factory DVDs he had given us a quiz on different old and campy horror as well as a sort of essay on our favorite old horror films. Due to me winning I got a stunning pack of Blu-Rays from Shout Factory. This pack has been in my vision for a while and I am very curious. I cannot really say I know much about these films but the covers look fun and that is enough for me.

Swamp Thing 6/30/14: This is and all the following were won in the contest. This movie is one that I liked as a kid and I also enjoyed the sequel to it. The character in the comics I am very unfamiliar with but I did find that the series was done well and I look forward to revisiting this again.
Day of the Dead 6/30/14: This is one of the movies that I am really proud to have in my collection on Blu Ray. I have seen Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead but not this one. I am really hoping that this turns out to be a good film. My girlfriend has reported that she liked the film so I have some high hopes in this market.
Bad Dreams / Visiting Hours 6/30/14: I don't know much about these films but I have been interested in Visiting hours for a while due to the creative cover art. Shout Factory does a good job in bringing us this presentation and I hope that it will be as fun as it looks.
Night of the Comet 6/30/14: This is one of the ones that I majorly did my essay on. This movie has impressed and interested me since I was little and got to see pieces of it. I had then found it on netflix and was able to watch it in full. This movie is creepy and cheesy at the same time and I am loving it.
X-Ray / Schizoid 6/30/14: I had thought this was the movie Schizo which is famous in horror circles yet it is not and it is not widely known. I guess this will be an unknown that will find its way into my heart in the end.
Q the Winged Serpent 6/30/14: Last but not least I have one that I have been curious about for a long time. The title and cover have interested me for the last 10 years or so and now thanks to the contest I have it in my collection. I am very happy for these and I hope that this will be a fun update for all.

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