Friday, July 25, 2014

DVD Movie Review #140 Spy Game

Hello yet again and we are back for another of my fantastic movie reviews. This time we are reviewing the movie Spy Game. I had gotten this as a part of an ebay shipment of 200 movies for $100 and it has been a while since this time. Finally I got the chance to open this two hour movie. It is kind of sad but I thought Robert Redford was Harrison Ford. I am sad and a bit embarrassed.

This film follows a retiring spy played by Robert Redford on his last day when he finds out that his protege played by Brad Pitt was caught and that the CIA is planning on hanging him out to dry. We have to watch as our hero recounts recruiting Pitt's character and then goes to great lengths in order to try and save him before he is executed.

This movie follows along quite well when it comes to the suspense game getting you engrossed in the complex storytelling. I feel that the acting is done very well with Redford doing well in his role as retiring spy and Pitt even with his age playing the young recruit. The music is fitting and matches the mood. The effects and picture quality are well worth the action that you get as a pretty fast paced picture of good overall quality.

This movie does have a tendency to drag at points with a lot of it taking place in the offices of the CIA. The rest of the plot takes a rather confusing cast going back and forth between flashbacks. This film has a sad bit of drag but at the same time one does at times have to sacrifice action for plot points.

In the end this is pretty good overall.    Rating :     7/10

This is the Collector's Edition DVD release.

Used:     $3.17    Ebay

New:     $4.12

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