Thursday, July 3, 2014

DVD Movie Review #134 The Perks of being a Wallflower

Hello again and welcome to another of my fine DVD movie reviews. This time I am reviewing The Perks of being a Wallflower. I really wanted to see this film a while ago and for some reason associated it with wanderlust. I ended up finding both movies on blue ray for $10 total and this was well worth what I paid for I am sure.

This movie stars Charlie a slightly addled youth who like to stick to himself but yet wanted friends. He manages to make his movie on the cool losers at the school and they take off on a teen age adventure where friendship is tested by love and anxiety. Will there be a future for them all? We shall see now shan't we?

I though this was a really good film. I was very much impressed by the acting in this case. The characters are very amusing and the writing was quite excellent. I have to admit that this was the classic indie film. The plot was clever and the characters were well written. The Music as standard indie fair and I must admit I was amused by this. If anything this is well worth a look into the pool of our youth.

This does suffer from the typical indie movie angst and poor coherency. In a way I wonder how many movies I can see about nothing. There is depth here but I don't see a lot of originality here it seems that indie movies started by being edgy and ended being the typical angsty edgy theme which is made less edgy by repetition.

In the in this is a really good indie gem about relationships and about nothing.

Rating:    8/10

I own the standard Blu Ray Edition

Used:     $9.99 Amazon Marketplace

New:     $9.99 Best Buy

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