Saturday, July 26, 2014

DVD Movie Review #141 Wanderlust

Hello again and we are back for the next in my lineup of wonderful DVD Movie reviews. This time I am hitting the movie Wanderlust. I ended up getting this movie at Walmart when I also decided to get The Perks of being a Wallflower I don't know why but I tend to group those two together. Well I watched the later but now I am working on the former.

This movie follows a married couple trying to find their way in New York. Both of them fall flat on their face and have to move in with the Brother who is well a...dick. They end up accidentally coming upon this Commune on their way and decide after a little thought to give hippy living a try. So watch the fun as two big city mice learn to be hippy country mice in this whimsical tale.

The acting in this film is pretty well done for the type we are looking at with the characters being believable and fitting well with the story. The music is a great highlight to this movie jamming well with the plot lines and the characters. The makeup and costume design (or lack thereof) was done appropriately and left you believing that you are in a commune with a bunch of hippies. Finally the plot was pretty funny and enjoyable the whole way round.

This movie can only really get so good. It does feel a bit campy at times and I do feel that some of the laughs were forced at times. I mean the part where the guy is psyching himself up to go at it with one of the other characters is well...a it much. I also felt that the whole commune in trouble story was a bit rushed and may not even have belonged in the story.

In the end this is a fun comedy that most can enjoy.

I got the blu-ray DVD combo edition of this film

Used:     $6.49

New:     $7.93    Amazon UK

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