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SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update 7/19/14

Hello again and welcome back to the next of my DVD and Blue Ray Updates. This time I am covering the Barnes and Nobles Sale that they have inflicted on me with their Criterion and Art House Films. They do this twice a year and like a sucker I fall into the void of the buying frenzy. This is one of two major sales that can do this (the other is Rightstuf's 12 Days of Anime Sale). Well let us start off and have some fun!
The Tick Live Action: I am a Patrick Warburton Fan and I am also a fan of the comics and the cartoons. The tick has been one of my favorites for a long time spoofing your normal super heroes and locking in the fun. This series I have only managed to see the first episode and then heard it was cancelled before a full first season. At the sale this was considered an "Art House" Title and was reduced to $5. Now to me that is a great price for a 9 episode series.
Safety Last: This is the first of the Criterion Films that I will be rating. This is an old Harold Lloyd Silent film Circa 1923. I am looking forward to seeing this cleared up in a way that will make it more enjoyable. I have never seen this film but know that it is an essential one for any collector. I am hoping to also get hold of Buster Keaton films as well in this vein. With a criterion DVD running for around $14 this was agian not one that I would like to pass up. To boot there are additional Lloyd shorts going as far back as 1918.

 Scanners: Again yet another release from Criterion. This film is actually very new tot he collection coming out just last Tuesday. THis film is one that I have been meaning to see for a long time, especially after I started getting into horror. This is a Cronenberg film and I know that this is a going to be a worthy film form me to see. I am prepared for head explosions and fun effects. I also obtained this film on Blue Ray for $20 which for Criterion Blue Ray is a steal. I am looking forward to finally seeing this horror masterpiece and thanks to Shout Factory I will even be able to satisfy my OCD with the sequels in the near future.
Pollock: I have been once again thrust into the academy award world with Pollock. This has been on my radar for a long time and the Barnes and Nobles Sale had this new for $7. I am impressed by the artistic value of the film and curious as to the subject matter. I was told that this is a very dark movie so I guess I will have to find a good mood day to watch this one.
Persona: I have been very much into Bergman's films really enjoying "Through a Glass Darkly" and continue to enjoy his dark narrative and artistic form. When I saw this film for under $20 I had to gain this for my collection. Of course with Criterion, blue ray is only an added bonus to this.

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking: This is a movie that I have been wanting to watch again since I had been enamored with it from childhood. This is a cute and imaginative children's film that can be fun for the whole family. I am not sure that I would recommend this film to adults as it doesn't have a lot of value to those of us without any Nostalgia for the film. If you have kids though I would highly recommend it. With a price of $5 it is a god cheap buy as well.
The Illusionist: This is a nominee for best animated feature that I was never able to fully watch. I really enjoyed the Triplets of Bellville and I cannot wait to finally see this one. I have wanted this on blue ray and I have wanted to get this cheaply if possible. The Barnes and Nobles Sale has allowed this for a price of around $14.
The Great Beauty: I am very happy to get hold of this for $20. I looked this up after the awards as it seems that the best foreign and best documentary are usually unable to be seen unless you can find your way to the out of the way theater that showed it. This was one of those type and became unavailable on anything but criterion though I have heard that this is a "Great Beauty" It is still a source of great frustration.
Dilbert: I have heard a lot about this series and it went off long before I could get at it. I have read the cartoons for a while and I am sure it will be quite fun to actually see it animated for myself. This is around 30 episodes. There are not a lot of extras but for $5 who is to be picky. I liked God the Devil and Bob and will be happy hear.
The Devil's Backbone: I am a Deltoro fan and I really enjoy his movies. I have watched this one once and I was not terribly impressed. This is of course why this movie is an essential but when I had a choice between this version for $4 and the Criterion for $20 I took the regular edition. This is not a bad one mind you it has a lot of extras and a fun set of things that you and explore.
Dallas Buyers Club: This is a film that was worthy of the Best Actor award and if you haven't seen it yet then you need to. This film has been on my lineup for a long time now and is only made special due to the award. I managed to find the blu-ray for around $10 and that is just too hard to refuse. Thanks to this I only have Gravity, Her and 12 years a Slave left before the 2013 season is in my collection.
Being There: This is a wonderful film. I have been wanting this for a long time now and this is a $9 Blu Ray over at the sale and I am so glad to finally have it here. This is per chance Peter Seller's best role!
Apollo 13: Well yet another of the $10 Blue Rays that I have waited sooo long to get hold of. I am very happy to have this one in my collection. I have never seen it yet know its importance. This film is supposedly a Blue Ray film so I will be having fun with this one.
A Hard Day's Night: I have to say this isn't the beatles movie I was after. I really wanted the movie "Help" and will come back to it when it comes out and is available. This was only $14 though so I am very happy for it.

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