Thursday, July 10, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 7/10/14

Hello again and welcome to the next in my series of DVD movie updates. This time my stuff comes from four sources. The first is pretty much a continuation of a series as it comes out on amazon. The second is an order I made a month ago that is consumer supported the third is something I got from Best Buy today and the last is a few birthday gifts.
Hud 7/7/14:  This was the only used one on the list so it gets to be bumped ahead alphabetically. This movie is one of my few Paul Newman films. This movie was given as a birthday gift and I am glad to receive it. I needed for the Oscar win and will be watched mighty soon. Who knows though when a review will come.. :)
 Aidan 5 7/8/14: This is a cart topper (no it was't $19.99 as in the pic) that came from a Fan supported production site. I was curious about the high rating and decided "Hey $5 isn't too much) I can see if this is a good series.
The Gamers: Hands of Fate 7/8/14: Fresh off the presses from out the fan supported production. I got a version that was signed by the main members of the Dead Gentlemen production. This is the third in the film series and though the second one is the best it still holds humor and card gamers will fall in love with this classic.
The Gamers Live 7/8/14: This is another cart topper for me but I am curious. I love the gamers series and will be glad seeing improve of the gamers it will be very nice to take a gander at.
Glee Season 4 7/10/14: I was not much of a fan of glee after season 1 and started to really not care for it after this point. I don't really understand why they kept going with this. This season takes them to new York and tries to start up a few new kids on the series. This is the last season with Finn before he dies. I am a completionist and will finish this series. Best Buy had it on sale for $9 so this time I couldn't help but get a copy.
MGM 90th Anniversary DVD 7/10/14: Also picked up at Best Buy for $7.99. This has two films that are a must and includes a classic to boot. I have been looking for these films for a while and finally managed to find the price I was willing to pay for them.
Standard Action Season 1 7/8/14: I love RPG based series and this looks like another fun turn into the Gamer style series. This particular one was a fan supported project and I look forward to its completion.
Witch's Brew 7/7/14: This is another Birthday gift from a friend of mine. I really like Coolduder  as he has a collection to rival mine. This is one of this films and I aim to collect them all. I am very much looking forward to this crazy run.

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