Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #138 Mini's First Time

Hello again and we are back with another of my wonderful DVD movie reviews. This time I have the Movie Mini's First Time. I must admit this did not come to me by choice but in a random movie package I purchased from ebay about a year back. Finally today I got the chance to sit down and watch the film. I must admit with my girlfriend not caring much for this film it did raise my curiosity.

This movie follows Mini an 18 year old girl living with her mother and the man that her mother tricked into marrying without a prenup. Mini wants freedom and Mini wants excitement and now she wants a little murder!

This movie is pretty well acted with Alec Baldwin taking the lead as he does in most productions that he is involved. The costume design is to the point and works well with the actors accommodating the plot line. I also liked the set design and overall with art this movie is worth while.

The plot infuriates me! I did not like the ending as I don't usually like movies about pretty girls that use their looks and whiles to get what they want and get away with doing the most evil of things. For the most part I didn't like any of the characters involved in this so though I didn't feel too sorry for her mother or for her step father I was still angry that Mini gets away with everything that she does.

In the end this is not the best of movie.

Rating:   5/10

Used:     $2.93    Amazon UK

New:     $5.52    Amazon UK

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