Sunday, July 13, 2014

DVD Movie Review #137 Blue Jasmine

Hello again and welcome back to another of my high class movie reviews. This time I am reviewing the newest Woody Allen movie called Blue Jasmine. This movie is noted as it won best Actor for Cate Blanchett and was nominated numerous other times.

This movie follows Jasmine who has recently come off of a very nasty situation where her husband had been causing lots of legal issues which took them from riches to rags. She must now stay with her sister and try and find her way back to a stable life or to sanity. Can she get back on her feet or is she doomed to be gone forever.

This movie was beautifully acted as Woody Allen is apt to do on many an occasions. Despite continued marring on his reputation Woody Allen's talent fully shows through with excellent dialogue and the ability to get the best out of the players in this film. The music is excellent as always giving the film a contemporary swing. Woody Allen is a master as utilizing the actors and setting in his film to do the talking for him and the blue ray detail here is always a feast for the eyes.

Well my goodness this movie is very dark. This is not quite as bad as some of the other movies but it is kind of a lower level from his last two which were initially positive. Maybe the negativity is a reflection of his views on life in general. This darkness and pessimism is the only major detractor from this particular film.

Rating: 7/10

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