Sunday, December 1, 2013

DVD Movie Review #23 The Hangover Part 2

Yeah another fine film that we all need to see. This one was one of my OCD purchases. I said "you know its only $5 and you have the initial one you need to get it". I of course will probably get the 3rd one for the same reason. Just the same It was nearly a year before I finally got to see this one.

Well do you remember what happened last time? Ok well move the setting to Thailand and add a monkey and you have Part 2. One doesn't know why this guy still hangs around with these people after the first film. At the begging he states that he want's his bachelor party at the IHOP and I don't blame him. For those of you who haven't seen the first film this one is about a guy who has some friends that like to party a bit too hard and they have to do a Dude Where's My Car style "What did I do last night?" type of thing to piece together anything.

Well this movie is the same raunchy romp that was the first film. In a way this can be a good thing. I really don't understand why taking an existing formula that is good that copying it completely and re-packaging it in a new setting ala American Pie can give us more of what we want. The movie in my mind is just as funny as the first one and it has a monkey, who can dislike a monkey in a rolling stones jacket?

Well the problem si that I didn't really care for the first film. I actually felt that it is a fairly lame attempt at copying a really good film (Dude Where's My Car, Duh) I don't really like the characters though the Mike Tyson appearance makes things good in the end. The music and acting are fairly good for the movie and the makeup works out really really good. In the end this is not a terrible film but it isn't anything new and a re-packaging of something lame is still...lame.

Rating:     6/10

Got the stripped down DVD of this one so not expensive but not very well groomed either.

Used:     $7.71     Amazon Marketplace
New:     $8.98     Ebay

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