Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DVD Movie Review #32 Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

Hello again I look forward to bringing you yet another DVD movie review. This movie was bought as I love this particular series I of course saw it advertised on and had to check it out.

Tiger is a super hero in a world where super heroes garner public support with corporate sponsorship. Tiger is of course not really feeling the groove as he is more interested in saving others than posing for the camera. Sadly he tends to act before he thinks and ends up in trouble. After a public merger of companies Tiger is acquired by a new company and must partner with a new hero named Barnaby (a.k.a. Bunny). Unfortunately they don't get along but must learn to work together in order to stop statue monsters and teleporting thieves.

This is a fun series as I really enjoy the TV show. This is a recap movie and I guess it is an easier way to check out the series. The characters are fun and the story is very entertaining. The music is pretty much equal to the series.

Well first this isn't a complete recap so you will have to make due with the story being unfinished. I also am having trouble with the series animation. I feel that the computer animation was overused this time making it difficult to establish vocal timing and the figures are more awkward in their movements at times. I personally feel that the quality has dropped overall.

In the end I would recommend buying the Anime TV series instead of this but if you are a completion nut and want a good summary of the series this can be for you.

Rating:      6/10

The version I got was the Blue-Ray version. I don't feel that it is necessary though.

Used:     $11.49     Amazon Marketplace
New:     $12.49

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