Saturday, December 28, 2013

DVD Movie Review #38 Futurama Volume 7

Hello and yet again we are back for another review. This time we are talking about one of the more recent releases of Futurama. Volume 8 is upon us so I have to do some catching up with Volume 7. This one was bought on a whim not long after it came out when I saw it new for under $20. I collect the series so it would have appeared eventually :)

This time we continue to keep up with Fry and Leela's relationship as well as other items such as exploring more background with Leela's parents, Butterfly wrestling and an odd nature episode. The series continues to follow along the track it has been on since its re-airing.

Lots of fun to be had here. We can enjoy the jokes that have made us laugh for so long and at the cynical reflection of humanity that this series has shown us. The animation and voice acting is well done as usual with voice acting being the beacon here. The colors are very nice for the DVD release and I don't see the point in shelling out for the Blueray like I accidentally did for volume 5.

The biggest disappointment is there is nothing really that new here. I like that Fry and Leela are pretty stable in their relationship but otherwise there isn't a lot of plot and much like the Simpsons I have to wonder if there can be too much of a good thing?

In the end we have much of the same yet still a solid series.

Rating:  6/10

The version I got was the regular DVD version. The flimsy paper casing scratches the discs bends easily and many times the discs just fall out. I am taking a point for this.

New:     $8.93   Walmart
Used:     $13.75

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