Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DVD Movie Review #35 The Lorax

Hello again I am back for another shot at the DVD review. I have been interested in buying this since I saw it in theaters. This was a good film but not so good that I wanted the Blu ray for anything over $10. Finally on a black friday sale I found my copy.

This is a tale of a teenage boy growing up in a fake city. Things are cool in the city and everyone breaks out into song just to pass the time especially when they purchase fresh air. The kid decides that he wants to impress a hippie girl and thus goes out into the wasteland to find evidence of these so called "trees" that used to be in the world.

This is beautifully animated actually smoother than the other movies by this group such as Despicable me. The songs are fairly catchy and they adapted the story and characters well to the voice actors. I have to say Danny Divito and Betty White were perfect in their roles and made this a must see. I am pretty happy with it overall.

Well this is a tad off. The songs are passable but I feel that they could have been written better and I kind of feel that the story takes a bit away from the original purpose yet feels a tad more preachy than the original materials.

In the end this is a fairly good movie yet not worth a lot of money to invest. If you are a pollution denier then this is probably not the material for you.

Rating: 7/10

The version I have is the DVD Blu Ray combo picked up used.

New:     $10.99    ebay.com
Used:     $6.60     half.com

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