Sunday, December 8, 2013

DVD Movie Review #29 Iron Man 3

Hello yet again and welcome back for another DVD movie review. This movie was apart of a deal by the lovely Disney Movie Club. I was able to pull the DVD for under $10 when I got Monsters University. I had a lot of motivation for this with one part OCD collection and my interest in superhero movies.

Iron Man 3 follows up after the Avengers with Tony grappling with the anxiety over the issues of the battle of New York. Of course this is a time where his playboy alcohol soaked past catches up with him in the form of the Mandarin. Will Iron Man be able to come to grips with his crippling fears and at the same time take down a terrorist bent on destroying everyone.

As with the other two movies the special effects are the things that dreams are made of. Michael Bay would be proud at the sheer number of explosions and high tech gadgets. The music and acting are also top notch with Robert Downey Jr. yet again nailing the part of the eccentric billionaire genius going through anxiety attacks. The Makeup is well done making the Mandarin a believable character and the action still is great.

This film does have flaws and many of them have to do with the story. To the untrained eye the writers came up with an above standard tale about terror and arms dealing. To the comic book geek this is an appalling tragedy and under use of an otherwise deadly villain. I will not go into detail though you will see when you check this out. Your hopes will jump up and then they will be dashed to taters, yay! I personally feel that this is a flaw in the film when you betray your core followers yet though I feel this is a disappointment I feel it is still plenty watchable.

In the end you have a very enjoyable action movie so long as you don't hold it up to the comics for comparison.

Rating:  7/10

This is the regular DVD + digital copy. I get touchy sometimes when I combine blue-ray and dvd when I start a movie series and it was cheap.

Used:     $13.17     Alibris
New:     $19.68     Amazon Marketplace

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