Sunday, December 1, 2013

DVD Movie Review #22 Jack Frost 2

Hello I am back again with a review of one of the more fun films in my collection. Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman. I had found this with a 12 movie pack for $5 at Books a Million and it necessitated the purchase and viewing of the original. I really enjoyed the first as one of those hilariously bad movies.

It follows our Sheriff recovering from the trauma of the last killer snowman attack. He goes out on vacation with his family in order to get his mind back together. Unfortunately for him Jack has come back and decides to go on a major killing spree to get his revenge (not that he wasn't a killer anyway). Jack is back and he is ready for revenge.

This movie managed to do more with less and that is one of the major good points of the film. This film gives the viewers what they want which is cheesy acting and clever comedic quips as a psychotic killer snowman romps and plays in the blood and guts.

Well the bad is of course the lack of acting, production value, writing and just overall quality. Really and truly this is a bad movie and if are watching this for anything but a cheap laugh than you will not like this film.

In the end this is good old fashioned bad horror movie fun.

Rating:   7/10

This was purchased in a collection of 12 movies I am showing the DVD below.

Used:   $5.92 Ebay

New:   $6.02

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