Saturday, December 14, 2013

DVD Movie Review #30 the World's End

Hello yet again and I am watching and writing. Maybe I should stop watching or writing and go outside for a bit. I bought this as I am a big fan of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead and had to get this not long after it came out. I couldn't wait to see this and of course I'm sure there is even more interest for you.

Twenty years after they had their attempt at the epic pub crawl called the "golden mile" our hero played by Simon Pegg decides to get the band back together to relive his former glory. Unfortunately the old town isn't quite the way that they remembered it to be. Simon must conquer old problems with his friends as well as the strange events that had infested his home town. Will they survive till the end? You'll have to watch to find out.

I really enjoy these films! The chemistry between actors is amazing and I can't help but watch and enjoy. The makeup was good and believable as well as the costumes. The Music was enjoyable and fit the mood and the story was pretty enjoyable. What can one do when confronted with the stuff that they love?

To answer it is simple they compare it to the other films of course! Comparatively this is disappointing when I compare it to hot fuzz though I must admit it is a hard comparison to make. I would say that this is much more even in level with Shaun of the Dead. This is not a bad movie yet I don't feel that the story was as original as the last one in the set. I mean "This is the End" also just came out after all.

With things left to be considered I would still recommend this film as it is a fine addition to the series.

Rating:  7/10

The addition I got was the Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD which is fairly expensive but I had to have it and I must say it looks good.

Used:     $12.99
New:     $17.50     ebay

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