Saturday, December 7, 2013

DVD Movie Review #28 The Langoliers

Hello again and welcome to the next DVD movie review. This time I am reviewing the Langoliers. I am a Stephen King fan and have been ever since I started reading the Dark Tower series back in college. I have made it sort of a goal to eventually collect all the forays into original and movie adaptations. This one was purchased last year at a horror sale through Movie Stop for $2 and It is worth the money in my opinion.

Well we start our movie with a group of people flying east for various reasons. On the way something happens and about 9 of them wake up to find that everyone else on the plane has disappeared. Now with only a few people they must combine their skills to find out what happened and how to avoid being eaten by the Langoliers. On their side you have a blind girl with cool psychic powers and working against them is an evil businessman hell bent on getting to Boston whatever the cost. You'll have to watch it to find out what happens.

On the positive end of this is the writing which is usually the case with Stephen King and he is pretty good when it comes to miniseries adaptations. The story is reasonably enjoyable and the characters are well developed (I find character development to be one of Kings strong points). The music and makeup are appropriate for what is needed so you can reasonably believe what is going on. The effects are ok considering the time period we are looking at.

On the Negative end the pacing of the series could use some tuning up. This thing is nearly 4 hours long and they spend a good portion of that gathered around in a terminal doing next to nothing. I also started getting annoyed by people not being able to grasp reality and expecting unreasonable things from each other such as trying to fly a plane without fuel. I also found the end to be a bit campy and if you watch this you should be able to see what I mean. Other than that and the obviously outdated effects I find nothing terribly wrong with the film.

If you have time or want to split it up I do suggest this movie if you are a King fan to at least check it out.

Rating:  6/10

The version I got was the Artisan DVD Fullscreen version. This really doesn't have anything in the way of special features and is an earlier DVD release so you really didn't expect much of them back in the 90s.

Used:     $7.57     Ebay
New:     $19.99    Ebay

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