Sunday, December 22, 2013

DVD Movie Review #34 The Lorax 1970s version

Greetings all! I have another DVD review for you. This time I am going over the original Lorax cartoon done in the 1970s . I finally got my price for the new Lorax movie and my OCD has me collect the original cartoon much like Horton hears a who. So now we see the cheap Lorax found for $5 at Walmart.

The Lorax is a Tale by Dr. Seuss that centers on a young entrepreneur seeking to make a life for himself in the wilderness. Unfortunately he doesn't Listen to the rather impotent guardian of the forest and squanders his resources. The result is a nice environmental and economic lesson.

This is a nice ride back to my childhood My mother read the Dr. Seuss books to me a lot when I was little and I loved them. I really think that the message is a solid one that we can take to this day. I am enlightened to know that the animation quality holds up and it is a true adaptation to the book.

Now this material is performed in a dated way I mean when they start the first song you can tell when this was written. I kind of cringed when I first heard it but adapted quickly. Otherwise I don't see as much in down sides.

In the end this is a spirited evaluation of the story and I am quite happy with it when you compare it to more recent adaptations.

Though Dated this is well worth a watch.   Rating 8/10

The version I got of this is a fairly cheap dvd that you can purchase in the $5 Walmart bin.

New:     $5.49     Amazon Marketplace
Used:     $4.35    Ebay

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