Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DVD Movie review #46 A Christmas Story 2

Hello, I am doing something unusual. If you are paying attention to the numbers you will note that I have done many reviews that are not posted yet. I am putting this ahead due to the season. I loved the original of this to my shame not having seen it all the way through until around 5 years ago. I saw this and said "$20 no I won't do that". Then I saw it for around $9 shrugged my shoulders and said "ok".

This one takes place a number of years after the original and we are back in the house again. This time Ralphie is just about to turn 16 and what he wants is to obtain the biggest present a boy of 16 could ever get "a car". Unfortunately his father is a cheapskate and Ralphie gets into various toubles of his own. Will he get his car and the girl? Watch and find out.

I am happy to see our beloved narrator return. I am also glad that Marv from Home Alone fame has come in as the father. This has some fairly good laughs in the spirit of the original. The effects work well for the film and the costume design is appropriate for the time that this is taking place. We have some familiar things that we can work with and enjoy as one would say "savor the moment".

This thing had "made for TV" all over it. This also doesn't have quite the feel of the original. I also feel like they were milking the gags in this film. It almost feels that they are trying hard to make fun of the time period and the original. The acting is ok for some and terrible for others. I was not terribly pleased with this one but at the same time this is an ok film for what you are looking for just don't look for the original in this.

This is a nice salute to the original but no where near the quality necessary.

Rating:  5/10

The version of this that I have is the dvd version. I was not forking out for the blue ray and I know now that it isn't worth the blue ray treatment

Used:     $6.99     Alibris
New:     $12.54   Ebay

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