Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DVD Movie Review #26 Family Guy

Hello again, I recently managed to obtain an awful lot of family guy and have been watching it for many months now. I have been continuously holding the belief that things are much worse for anything after the first three seasons and this is the test to try and prove it. I have watched family guy volumes 3-10 now and am working to try and make sure that I have gotten a good ideas as to the continued quality of the series.

Well lets go ahead and speak about the series as it stands. We have Peter and his family where they go through a myriad of strange adventures. The format for each episode is pretty simple. It starts with Peter finding some strange whim to occupy his time, he or one of the other cast members stumbles upon something that triggers the main story and it continues with a lot of different cultural references along the way.

I was actually pleasantly surprised about this series as I had previously held the belief that anything after season 3 was trash. I enjoyed this series pretty much all the way through. It has a twisted type of humor that an individual like me can really enjoy. The animation style is done well and I have no major issues with it. The music is repetitive but what TV series doesn't have that and the music fits. You can tell that the writers have a love or 50's style cinema as there are plenty of hints to it throughout with numerous musical numbers.

This can be very odd series to rate as any super conservatives will automatically hate this. The series at times tries to be fair but it is obvious that it leans to the left. The series is also rather repetitive at times and this format can be a tad boring. You can show the difference in quality obviously in the writing department with episodes being hit or miss at times. I feel even at times that they are reaching for the laugh and will at times even get a little strange.

Overall this is a fairly fun and enjoyable series and so long as you arn't a hard line conservative you can enjoy this one. My biggest issue at this time with the series as it is the DVD release is a tad disorganized with portions of some seasons being mixed in with the others in 10-13 episode chunks.

Rating:  7/10

The releases I have are just standard ones and they are pictured below.

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