Sunday, December 1, 2013

DVD Movie Review #24 Rock and Roll High School Forever

Let us go again into Movie Land and come out much happier with a new Movie review!    :)

Rock and Roll High School forever is the sequel to the cult classic film by Roger Corman. This is one of those "high school is a drag lets fight with authority" type films and a little wacky zaniness ensues. This time we are at Ronald Reagan High where Rock and Roll High school day gives kids the chance every year to pick a fight with teachers and wreck school property. The teachers and principal have enough of this and decide to partner with the preppy kids in order to take their school back from the crazies. Of course the crazies are the good guys and they must take on the evil vice principal (Dr. Vader) and restore chaos for delinquents everywhere.

This movie does have a lot of nostalgia for me and I am ashamed that I have watched this one over 60 times when I was a kid. I even liked the craziness of the kids involved. they have a refrigerator worshiping scene that makes me laugh to this day. This is a fun romp that will have you interested to come back for more if you don't take it too seriously.

Ok this film has a lot of bad points...well maybe I would be best saying that the film as a whole is a bad point. The acting is terrible the music is fair if you enjoy early 90s styles. The look is also early 1990s so it is a tad dated. The lead is annoying and after all these years I really want to root for the bad guys if they wern't sadists and idiots. In the end nostalgia really holds it together for me and if you love the original please don't subject yourself to this one unless you are ready for a stinker and can deal with it.

Still in the end I still enjoy this film and so long as you can accept the above you can to.

Rating:  6/10

Yeah this is only available on a two movie pack with South Beach Academy. The good thing is that it is a cheap one. Can anyone see a South Beach academy review in the future?

Used:     $4.73
New:     $6.48

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