Saturday, November 30, 2013

DVD Movie Review #20 Zombie Strippers

Back again for another fun time movie review. I went out to the Halloween sale at Movie Stop and came home with three movies. This was the one movie that stood out thanks to Robert Englund. I mean who could really turn down a movie like "zombie strippers"

This movie is in a world under the Bush's 4th term. If you are a republican you need not watch this film as it is pretty darn terrible and it tends to bash republican values throughout. In this world any form of nudity public or private has been banned and strip clubs are underground illegal places to make lots of quick dirty cash. At the same time as we appear to be at war with everyone we have developed a zombie virus to make up for the lack of people to send off into combat. Well these two worlds collide to make super zombie strippers.

I am not sure that I can say much about this film that I like. I can enjoy a good zombie movie and some of the over the top effects such as the stripper pole tornado do leave me chuckling. The music is ok and the makeup is pretty good. It also has Robert Englund and I kept saying this to keep my interest up.

The plot line if pretty much dumb and republican bashing mixed with very very bad recycled zombie movie plots. I am not a republican and even I felt this was in poor taste. The acting is pretty much god awful and I have to admit I really didn't know who I was rooting for and ended up cheering for the Mexican janitor the whole time. The effects though ok can kind of make you sick to your stomach and I've seen a few zombie movies. In reality I have to wonder in the end how films such as this get made.

Well if you like republican bashing, un-needed extra gore and bad acting you will love Zombie Strippers.

Rating: 3/10

I got the regular unrated special edition DVD of this and am glad for once that I didn't find this on Blu-ray.

Used:     $4.50    Ebay
New:     $7.98

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