Saturday, November 23, 2013

DVD Movie Review #18 The Blue Umbrella

Hello again, this is my first DVD short review. I bought my copy of Monsters University as it will be winning the Academy award for best animated feature this year. Of course their shorts are nothing beyond spectacular in their own right and have won many different awards in their own right.

The Blue umbrella is an inspiring love tail about two umbrellas seeking to romance one another during a rain storm. There is a problem and there is a resolution I will not go into a lot of detail.

The animation is beautiful at first I thought I was staring at a live action scene. The rain is wonderful and this is one thing that will blow your mind away.

The biggest detractor in this is that the friendly traffic lights and signs are at best creepy and are a little hard to find friendly.

Rating:  8/10

I got this along with the monsters University Collectors Edition Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy pack.

Used:     $22.98

New:     $26.96

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