Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DVD Movie Review #19 Monsters University

Yet again we fly into the breach with Monsters University. As Pixar for the most part has a lock on the best animated feature academy award I tend to always purchase them in anticipation for my favorite time of the year "oscar season". I also really enjoy Pixar's works and have yet to find a film by them that I did not like at least a little bit.

Here we are with the prequel to the film Monsters Inc. where we find our heroes Mike and Sulley going to school in order to learn to be professional scarers. They end up having to team up with a group of slightly incompetent heroes to try and win the title of scariest in the school where they learn the true meaning of friendship.

You know I actually find this as less original in story than Cars 2. I mean most people will go on about how Pixar has the best writing and the most original stories but this one is just one of those typical college underdog stories placed in a fairly original setting. In the end this is probably the weakest section of the film and will probably be the one that that could trip it up on the way to its probable academy award (like Cars 2 which did not even get nominated).

This film has a lot of good to say about it. The score is not 100% original but it is fun and entertaining. The Voice acting is of course very nice with high ranking talent like Billy Crystal at the helm. Where I did point out the originality of the writing it is still a plot line that is enjoyable to watch play out in the fairly original setting. The characters are very fun and the interaction is well established.

I really enjoyed this film. It was light and really enjoyable but lacks the depth that we find in other films such as Walle or Up or even Brave.

Rating: 7/10

I got the blue-ray dvd combo pack with the digital copy. I really enjoyed the Disney Movie Club price cut I got taking 60% off. Below though are the cheapest copies I could find.

Used:     $22.98

New:     $26.96

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