Thursday, November 21, 2013

DVD Movie Review #17 Weekend at Bernie's II

Well we are back again and yet again for a sequel of a movie that the original is not reviewed here. This film actually has a little more significance for me than the sequel to City Slickers. I actually watched Weekend at Bernie's II more often than I watched the original movie. This one has a sentimental value that made me happy to purchase it along with the original film.

Well we leave our heroes not long after the last movie and they rightfully get fired for dragging their boss's corpse around and of course blamed for their boss's illegal activities. Poor and feeling hopeless they find that ol' Bernie had some mob money lying around. Unfortunately for them the mob also wants their money and decided to hire a voodoo priestess and two incompetent foot-soldiers to get it.

Lets start with the negative points of the film. The acting is so-so at best with a kind of kooky story that produces small and predictable laughs that mostly slap stick and aimed at a simpler audience. The effects are actually not so bad for their time but not anything spectacular.

On that note I enjoyed the cute little animated short at the beginning that is very much the same as many comedies at that time. The laughs are not original but they are present leaving you with a fun easy to enjoy movie. The musical themes are appropriate for the subject matter and gives you that nice island vacation feel.

In the end I feel that this movie's good points outweigh the bad. I will be interested in hearing from anyone that did not have this one growing up as sentimental value can cloud the mind at times.

Rating:     7/10

The version I have is the stripped down DVD release of the film. I am hoping that you can get a better version than mine but my goal was just to obtain the film.

Used:     $7.10

New:     $7.64

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