Monday, November 11, 2013

DVD Movie Review #14 Jack Frost

Hello yet Again we are back for the next DVD review. I watch these in bunches so I am going to try something new spacing the reviews out publishing them a few at a time. This time I am looking at the movie Jack Frost. I'm not talking about the heart warming snow man movie I'm talking about the really bad horror movie. I picked up a horror collection with the sequel movie for $5 after finding that it had the movie "Ice Cream Man" which I really wanted to find. My OCD required me to purchase the original film which resulted in a search for an out of print DVD.

Jack Frost is a messed up serial killer who was finally caught and set up for execution all of which is set up by the marvelous intro. I wish that I could have found it for you all to take a look at as it is deliciously morbid. Well Jack gets saved but then dies after being splashed by some sort of radioactive acid stuff. He ends up becoming a snowman who is going on a killing spree around the small town of Snowmantown.  Will they survive the rampage of an evil psychotic killer snowman?

Well let's start with the downsides in this movie. The special effects are cheesy at best and the writing and acting are both terrible. The one liners sound like they've been written by a group of snarky teens on a beer binge. I was left wondering at times how the snow managed not to melt being such a sunny warm day that the initial story takes place on as well as the known snow being some sort of obvious snow substitute.

On the up side this movie is one where being soooo bad is actually a good thing. I was laughing my butt off the entire time with the snarky stupid commentary and the tremendous required suspension of disbelief. The intro alone is worth watching this film. Everything in this says cheese like few other things. This is a work of love and an old one if you look at the dvd release.

Jack Frost is a pick that I would recommend for any that love Cheesy horror I give this a 7/10.

The version I have of this is one of the few available on DVD which is the Letterbox version with obviously unseasoned features and menus. That said this is a rare find as it is no longer being made and the longer you wait the more likely the price will go up (or a new release will be made).

Used:     $28.83     Amazon Marketplace

New:     $45.15     Amazon Marketplace

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