Friday, November 8, 2013

DVD Movie Review #13 Grave Encounters 2

Hello All welcome back for my DVD movie review. This one is a straggler from the halloween viewing called Grave Encounters 2. You may have noticed that I have done the review for the previous film and have now followed up with the sequel (hint, go back and look up the other review).

I actually originally saw this movie before the original due to two major influences. The first was my girlfriend told me that the series was really scary and the second was that CoolDuder ( was in the film and I am a big fan of his stuff. (If you don't know about him please check out his youtube and movie stuff he is awesome).  I really liked this film and when the opportunity came up to get the blu-ray for under the price of the DVD I jumped on it.

This movie picks up many years after the first one with a group of film students trying to make the perfect horror film. The extra film geeky leader of the group is obsessed with the original movie and has managed through help to locate the site of the film having heavy suspicions that Grave Encounters wasn't just a film but the real thing. After some diplomacy he gets his friends to drive down and then the real horror begins. For more info please buy and see this film :).

The Blue-Ray was definitely worth the buy, the picture was very clear and the effects were a great improvement over the original. The film's location again is very creepy as with the first one and offers a great deal of fun when it comes to terrorizing the college kids. The acting is so-so there is a much better feel than in the first film that the kids are scared for their lives.

The story I feel flowed much more freely than the first one. It was pretty good keeping you entertained with the back story instead of having them tromp all over the hospital waiting for something to happen like in the first one. It kind of reminds me of the Blair witch before they started heading off into the woods together for most of the film. When they do get to the hospital the action starts up very quickly holding you in suspense until the end. I really liked both films in the series but this one doesn't fully add up to the story of the first one.

In the end this is a fun horror romp well worth the watch I give it an 8/10.

My copy of this is the blue-ray copy I got it originally on Amazon for $10 when the DVD was $15. It is too bad I can't find it for that now but we can hold up hope.

Used on Ebay   $11.65

New on Amazon Marketplace     $13.15

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