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DVD Movie Review #12 The Inkeepers

DVD Movie Review #13 The Innkeepers
Yay! I am working on the next review! This time we go to the movie "The Innkeepers" brought to you by the same people that gave us "House of the Devil". As it is at the end of that time of the year it was good to end my holiday viewing during the Mexican "Day of the Dead" with a haunted hotel flick. 
 We start our tale with a few minimum wage slaves trying to run out the time at the final weekend of a soon to be closing hotel. One of them is a paranormal activity geek finding haunting websites and becoming very interested in the story attached to the hotel. Of course his naive grunge girl co-worker is drawn in even more deciding it upon herself to investigate on her own leading to a world of terror that she never imagined. 

We have a nice location for our horror being in a hunted inn occupied by a sinister guest that decided to check herself out. One might make the assumption that she was at the end of her rope...heh. Our protagonist investigates with the help of a famous psychic. I love the creepy atmosphere where you have a an empty hotel you are almost guaranteed to have a ghost jump out of each corner. You will enjoy the tenseness that this setting offers. 
 We have a great cast of characters, a Gunge girl, a Paranormal Geek, a TV psychic, an old man reliving his past, a woman and her child and a woman and child running from a failed marriage. The characters are acted out well and the acting is quite believable. You get drawn in quite well by the characters and though not many are terrible but only one is fairly likable. I have to wonder about the intelligence of some of the characters, but then most arn't in horror films. 
In the end the movie is very much a test of your patience and how well it draws you in. This movie doesn't fully draw on this as it's predecessor has relying fully on your interest in the backstory to keep you from getting bored. I do not feel that this movie will draw everyone and the wait for something to happen can lead you to a little bit of boredom. Now once the scaring starts though I can tell you it does feel intense. The music is fairly creepy but doesn't stand out and the makeup is good enough leaving me to believe that the dead woman is dead and that the injuries are real. 

In the end I must say that this is a suitable and good film for the end of my viewing. If you loved House of the Devil then you will love this movie. If you didn't like it then you still have a good shot at liking this movie. 

Rating: 7/10 

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