Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DVD Movie Review #15 City Slickers II

Hello my friends it is good to see you all again for my next DVD review. City Slickers is a movie series that continues to be dear to my heart remembering the first movie a lot of the time when I was young. In my OCD nature I also needed to make sure that I got the second film in this case I was never worried as I love Jon Lovitz along with the two other people who like his work.

City Slickers II picks up not long after the first one with our heroes back at home but then discovering a map to a lost shipment of gold. Billy Crystal gets together with his loser brother and his friend to go on another trip into the west to learn the meaning of friendship and hopefully get rich quick.

The film was written fairly well showing good taste in humor and using the actors well in their roles. We're not seeing anything new when it comes to their acting styles but some may consider that playing to their strengths. The setting was of course quite beautiful as the desert comes to be known for. The music was nothing new if you managed to watch the first film and the makeup did well.

I loved the interaction between actors and the performance by Jack Palance was worth seeing as this is an iconic role for his legacy. This film was very enjoyable to watch not running into anything special or spectacular in writing or comedy but something that you can sit down and watch without too much effort involved.

In the end I give this film a 6/10 as something enjoyable but not exactly special.

The edition I have is the cheap walmart $5 version on DVD without much in the way of special features.

Used:     $5.21     Half.com
New:     $6.47     Half.com

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