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My Bottom 10 Movies

My Bottom 10 Movies

I have a collection that spans well over 5000 titles and I have  been righting reviews on new additions to my collection for the last few months. I have three sections for my collection: 1. Movies I have watched 2. Movies I have not watched 3. Used Movies not entered into my collection. This covers the first two as they are officially entered into my collection. 

I typically log in films utilizing the rating that the film had at the time it was entered or at the time I have been looking it up. Based on those stats I am going over the bottom 10 rated movies in my collection. 

I will start with two that do not make the list but have the same rating. These two films simply don't follow as they happen to come a little before the others in the alphabet. Both are equally bad movies though Leonard Part 6 does have an assassin trout so I wanted to leave a mention before heading to the list. 

#10 S.I.C.K.
Imdb Rating:  2.1
Genre: Horror
Description: This is a film about a group of teens hanging out together and being slaughtered by a killer clown. 
Rating: This movie has the special effects of a high school production and the acting skills to go with it. After watching this film I had to wonder if most of the production cost went to the cover art. This is not a fun bad movie this is just...a bad movie. 

#9 Santa with Muscles
Imdb Rating:     2.1
Genre: Comedy 
Description: A rich body builder loses his memory and thinks he is Santa Claus leading to a Santa with Muscles! 
Rating: The acting is campy the story is terrible and it stars Hulk Hogan. Yet this is a movie I can't help but love watching. This movie is unlike the above and is of the good kind of bad variety. This is a fun ride so long as you don't get stuck up on good acting or screen writing. 

#8 Son of the Mask
Indb Rating: 2.1 
Genre: Comedy 
Description: A failed cartoon artist inherits a mask that allows for him to inherit the power of Loki god of chaos. Unfortunately Loki wants his mask back. 
Rating: I can understand why people do not like this movie. It has good special effects and makeup but by god the acting and story are bad. Again though I can't help but like this movie. It is fun and a bit funny so long as you can get over the above. Many are not able though. 

#7 House of the Dead 
Imdb Rating: 2.0
Genre: Horror
Description: A group of teens go to have fun on an island but are attacked by supernatural forces. 
Rating: No surprise that a video game adaptation made its way here. I didn't understand what was so bad about this one. I mean this is pretty much the same as others of its type: women flashing their breasts, people being slaughtered by monsters, bad acting, etc. This is much classier than S.I.C.K. but many more people hate it. Go figure. 

#6 Mr. Jingles 
Imdb Rating: 2.0 
Genre: Horror
Description: A supernatural clown killer goes around gutting people with his axe. 
Rating: This is my least favorite movie in my collection and if I wasn't going on Imdb's ratings I'd give it the #1 spot. This movie reminds me a lot of a low budget version of S.I.C.K. yet again I swear they spent a lot more money on the production photos. I can't really speak long on this film as it will make me relive bad memories. 

#5 From Justin to Kelly
Imdb Rating: 1.9 
Genre: Ugh...Musical
Description: This is a musical about two teenagers finding romance on spring break. 
Rating: Don't know why this is so low on the list but have to admit this is pretty darn bad. I think musical was a bad choice for this and I believe acting needs to be far away from Kelley Clarkson and Justin Guarini. Yet the same I can see the sappy teen crowd enjoying this high school musical 2 wannabe. 

#4 Manos the Hands of Fate
Imdb Rating: 1.8 
Genre: Horror
Description: A family vacation takes a wrong turn ending up in the lap of Satan! 
Rating: I included a picture of how many of you would be introduced to this film such as I was. This film is boring and terrible in most every way. I am surprised at it's climb up to 1.8 from 1.5 on imdb. Still if you want to see an example of a really really bad film at all angles this is it. 

#3 Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies
 Imdb Rating: 1.7 
Genre: Comedy/Horror
Description: A new squad of baby geniuses but this time with super powers oh my!
Rating: I admit I have only seen this movie in pieces so I cannot vouch for it totally. Of course this franchise is very very bad stay away...stay far away.

#2 Disaster Movie
Imdb Rating: 1.7 
Genre: Comedy...I think
Descrition: A quirkey groups of pop culture references try to survive the threat of other pop culture references and their own bad acting. 
Rating: Terribe...tis movie has next to no labs and is just one terribly written and acted jibe after another. I do admit there was one part that was a little fun when the Chipmunks went death metal but not sure that would be worth the $0.50 I paid for this film. 

#1 Evil Behind You
Imdb Rating: 1.8 
Genre: Horror
Description: Abducted couples are 
victims of medical experiments that mutate their minds with supernatural abilities. As their mental capacities increase, so does the danger from something evil that is not of flesh and blood.
Rating: I admit to using the imdb description as I have yet to see this movie. I cannot warn you other than it is the worst rated in my collection according to imdb. Watch this if you dare! 

As a last note I hope that you all enjoyed this and if any of you have seen Evil Behind You please feel free to let me know how it is. I will be watching it but not...anytime soon. 

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