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DVD Movie Review #11 The Invasion

DVD Movie Review #11 The Invasion

We are back yet again for our DVD review and lineup for review. This weekend we have been trying to get in a little bit more horror viewing in. This time is the work on a movie with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig called "The Invasion". 

This is a movie about a female psychiatrist and her son living together in Washington.  The character starts noticing that people coming in are reporting odd behaviors from their relatives as well as a strange interest in her ex-husband to get their life back together again. After realizing something is terribly wrong she teams up with Daniel Craig's character, who is connected with a school of doctors bent on fighting a global alien invasion. 
The invasion works pretty simply and it is very effective body snatchers style. It spreads as a cold-like virus turning those infected into emotion dead zombies that hock loogies at those that arn't infected. The aliens have a really effective strategy and are nearly able to take over the world. Will they win? Well you'll have to watch to find out. 
Nicole Kidman excels in her acting as expected showing that she is ready to keep at it and looking very convincing as she is trying to fight going to sleep and prevent herself from turning into an alien and at the same time trying to save her son. She comes across also as a fairly convening psychiatrist. 
The chemistry between Kidman and Craig is great. I am used to seeing Craig as bond and this character is much more refined which as an egghead he should be. The acting is very well done but the story is implausible at points and the ending is a tad abrupt. The music fits the mood yet falls to the background and the makeup is suitably creepy especially when the people start turning into Aliens. 

In the end this is not something that I would jump for joy over but at the same time is well worth checking out if you want something scary and holding you with suspense (so long as you can suspend your disbelief in spots)

Rating:    7/10 

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