Thursday, November 14, 2013

DVD Movie Review #16 The Great Gatsby

We are back and this time with a 2013 movie believe it or not. The movie in question is the Great Gatsby. I remained mildly interested in this film when it was advertised but did not wish to spend any money in seeing it as I had heard bad things about the soundtrack. Well in a contest that Movie Stop ( I was able to guess the box office and won a free copy of the Blue-Ray DVD combo pack and even then it was some time before I actually got to see the movie.

This movie takes place following Tobey Maguire's character and his reported exploits with a rather eccentric wealthy mysterious friend played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie starts depicting the lavish lifestyle of DiCaprio's character and eventually changes to a sorrowful love story with Carey Mulligan. If you haven't read the book or seen the other version of this I will not ruin it for you.

Many people who talk to me about this compare it to the original how it centers totally on the love story angle and not as much on the characters involved yet many seem to think it superior. I have not seen the other movie nor have I read the book so I cannot compare. I will say that this movie is a flawed gem having some substantial issues yet very redeeming qualities.

Let's start with the negative which I will say mainly revolves around the Jay-Z soundtrack. I really don't know why anyone would think that R&B is the perfect fit for a 1920s party. Now when you think about who directed this piece it makes more sense with Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet being other entries into their filmography. This also plays into the cinematography and the confusing method that this film was executed in. During the first hour I would say that you will have a hard time nailing anything down. Really when the Jay-Z R&B tamps down and the music becomes a little more time appropriate the film also seems to settle down and become far more watchable.

Now as is also included in the director's filmography the visuals are ever impressive making this a blue-ray must. The Acting is very well portrayed with a great cast that makes you want to enjoy this film even more. After the initial confusion dies down and the story starts up you are pulled in and start to feel that the first hour was well worth what followed behind.

Even as a flaws piece this is worth a watch. I give this film a 7/10

My version of this is the blu-ray dvd combo pack pictured below. (Yay I got it free!)

Used:     $9.33

New:     $13.99

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