Monday, August 18, 2014

DVD Movie Review #147 We Were Soldiers

Hello again and we are back with yet another of my spine tingling DVD movie reviews. This time I am reviewing the Mel Gibson Film We Were Soldiers. This film is one that I got in my 200 DVD set ordered from Ebay. I have heard that this was a great film and one of his that should be watched. I had this think Languishing on my shelf for a long time mainly due to the length but now have it officially in the collection.

This film follows our hero Mel Gibson as he trains and then leads a group of rag tag soldiers into the hell of the Vietnam war. Many men die on both sides as the movie chronicles one of the bloodier battles of the war. Will any of his men come home safe?

Well coming home safe or not this rilm is one to show off Mel Gibson's way of film making. It still cast him as the near invincible hero yet at the same time it had a depth that makes the movie well worth seeing. I also like that the movie cuts to the Vietnamese side from time to time to give you a little of their prospective and to feel their own losses. The movie was written so that it does give you a good cry at the end. The acting is very well drawing you in. The makeup is excellent with one point showing how someone got their skin burned off. It was a gross scene but illustrates how well it was done. The Music was also well done giving you the full feel of the film.

The characters were a little larger than life written up as big heroes like Sgt. Rock or Nick Fury which did damage the realism a little bit. Unfortunately Mel Gibson tends to love to portray such characters and this I feel hurt the film a small bit.

This is a great film overall.

Rating:  8/10

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