Thursday, August 14, 2014

DVD Movie Review #146 Proof

Hello again and welcome to my next in the series of DVD movie reviews. Today we cover the film Proof in all its amazing magnitude. I got this from an ebay sale of 200 DVDs for $100. I only have a bit more to do on this and I may finally have worked my way through I actually have only 11 to go :).

This movie Follows Catherine who has been living wither her father over the last few years of his life. She's had to give up everything to take care of her father's sanity wondering if she is going out of her mind. After her father's death she must come to terms with her own sanity while she picks up the pieces of what is left of her life.

Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing in this film actually letting me tear up a bit towards the end. I actually got to feel that she is going a little bit insane as the process goes on. She is excellent in the chemistry between her and her straight laced sister played by Hope Davis. Anthony Hopkins also does an excellent job though his acting skills are never out of the question. The music fits well with the plot making you more enthralled with the film and its characters. The Plot itself is very well crafted pulling one in much more than is thought. I have to say that this film should not have sat on my shelf as long as it had.

There are a few holes in the plot and at times they get to the point where they are difficult to navigate such as the relationship between Catherine and her sister. You also want to punch Catherine a few times for how she acts but I feel this adds to the character's power instead of taking it away. In the end this movie has few flaws but they are fair ones.

Rating:  8/10

Used:     $5.00 Ebay

New:     $5.74 Ebay

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