Thursday, August 7, 2014

DVD Movie Review #144 The Rutles Anthology

I'm Back Again with yet another great DVD review. This time we are working on the Rutles Anthology. I have had the soundtrack for a while now and well this is the thing that was the basis of mockumentaries like CB4 and This is Spinal Tap. When I saw this at Moviestop it was love at first sight. This review covers both the the features All You Need is Cash and Can't Buy Me Lunch.

This group of films covers the history of the history fake band "The Rutles". This goes into their hilarious antics while espousing various subtle hints linked to the original Beatles and their history. This is Narrated by the famous Eric Idle and covers a variety of different stars and musicians. Journey deep into their historic beginnings and chaotic end through these great features.

This is a very well done set of Mockumentaries. The More you know the Beatles the better as the makers of this mainly Eric Idle did a great job of subtlety creating songs that were good on their own (I mean I have the album) and also keep up with the subtlety that this is so well known for. This is also the first of its kind which would surprise many that believe This is Spinal Tap is the first Mockumentary. The acting and appearances by famous people throughout is a nice touch and just show how well connected things are. If you enjoy the mild Monty Python Style Humor with the Mockumentary style then I suggest this.

This can be a little disjointed at times and sadly if you do not know The Beatles it can be a bit boring. The humor is a tad dry but again we are dealing with the British here. Finally I believe the followup done in 2004 really was unnecessary as the feature film covered the rest quite well.

In the end this is great.

This is a nice little Blu Ray DVD Combo

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