Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DVD Movie Review #148 Amityville 3-D

Hello again and welcome back to another of my fantastic DVD movie reviews. This time we review Amityville 3-D. This film is the 3rd in the 4 movie series. I don't know what it is that got me into this series as I am not particularly interested in the films but yet again collecting the movies is just a compulsion a sick twisted compulsion maybe motivated by the Amityville Ghosts themselves?

Well this time we have a supernatural debunk-er that decided he could buy the old house for a steal. I mean there's no such thing as ghosts right? Well he and his family slowly get dragged into the madness and horror that is the Amityville House. Will anyone survive the horror and madness?

This film isn't too bad I do like Tony Roberts and his acting does not disappoint. The plot itself is fairly well written as I enjoy the stories of the skeptic that is eventually kicked down a notch. For a film in the series I feel it was better than the 2nd one but no where near as good as the first.

Well where to I start? We have bad acting, bad actors, bad makeup, lackluster music and a plot that won't die! I think we can pretty much hit things up at this point. The film is not anything special and it certainly isn't one I would pick for my midnight movie of the week. Scare Factor due to the poor effects is rather low and you would think that the Director of Soylent Green could get better acting out of his cast. In the end this is just another in a long lineup of bad films.

Well I only have the 4th one and Amityville Dollhouse left to see in my collection then out to find

Rating:  6/10

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