Monday, September 8, 2014

DVD Movie Review #149 Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes

Hello again and welcome to the wonderful world of movies and my reviews for good old fashioned entertainment. Today we are reviewing the Amityville series. I am very happy that I have at least in this finished the cannon. There are numerous other films in this series of which I have two and they are oddly expensive. I have a lot of reviews to write today (I know I should be publishing and not writing them as at this point I am still in the early 100s in published ones but I am watching faster than I can post).

This film follows a group of priests banishing the evil from the Amityville house and then selling it off lock stock and barrel. Unfortunately one of those barrels in the shape of an ugly lamp holds the spirit of evil. This lamp is sent by a gift by an obviously sadistic old lady wanting to waste her money on torturing her sister with the nasty looking thing. Her sister, however is starting to take on a new evil of her own (her daughter is moving back in with her). The lamp then proceeds to unleash the evils Amityville style yet with a nice little California twist.

Well we are here again for the 4th time. I must say this was better than its predecessor. This film is actually ok with the scar value it is a scary lamp after all. I am glad to see Patty Duke and her acting and charm are well in place even in this rather campy movie setting. The makeup is ok for the time period that this was going on was a creepy lamp.

Well what can I say about a movie that wants it all: Bad Acting, Bad Music, Bad writing...but Scary Lamp. I am a little disappointed at the evil little girl angle I mean even by this point in time it had been over done and she really didn't do a great job of it. The priest choice was poor I mean why must it be a young one? Sex appeal? Really?! Anycase I would think with something as nasty as the Amityville ghost you wouldn't have wanted the only one that botched the original job. In the end it is a bad horror after my own heart.

Rating:  6/10

Used:     $4.03

New:     $10.98

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