Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gaming Review #4 Resident Evil 6

Welcome to the next in my series of video game reviews. You know in a house where I game around 1-3 hours per week the games I complete are either really short (Walking Dead) or are done only a little over a long period and this is one of these. As an avid Resident Evil fan I have played every game in the series to completion (well except for survivor and there is a good reason for that). This game has been one that I have been waiting around for a while as I get to see some of my favorite characters back in action in a game where I can kick some zombie butt!
 Well let's do a little summary of our story. We follow our favorite fighters from Raccoon city as they deal with a new threat from the C virus which has created a whole new breed of super mutant zombies. The plot thickens when you have to join a co-op fight in order to save the world from certain destruction reaped by the re-imagined neo umbrella organization!
Well the first change that you notice is the action adventure aspect of the game with a more open fighting style that has you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning where you are clawing your way through a city overwhelmed by the new zombie plague. Things are very fast paced which updates from the previous two in the up front combat. This new style also allows for two player co-op either online or with two friends together at the wheel. This game can be twice as fun with friends who know what they are doing and will be great for parties running through missions such as any beat-em-up game.
The next point of interest is the story which runs in a similar fashion to Resident Evil 2. You get to play through the same story from the point of view of four different character combos. After you have beaten the game with all of them you finally get to have access to the full story. I am very glad to see this aspect back as it is something that I have been missing for a long time. This aspect of the story makes it compelling and fresh each time around even though the basic game itself is relatively short it stretches out over a long period.
The last part of this is about the graphics and sound. Even for games released in this day and age the graphics are beautiful and the actions are incredibly smooth. It flows like an action game should and give you the dark feel that you can love. The sound is very appropriate for the game series and is well done and executed you can freely enjoy this during your passive game sessions enjoying a dark cathedral or an empty city street.
Ok we got to see all the shiny and fun sides of the game and now for the less fun aspects. I feel the game has managed to lose a little bit over time and this one has lost even more of that aspect. Resident Evil as a series has managed to live apart from the other types of action series as it was a full item based puzzle solving crawl where you were in a creepy situation. This game loses a lot of the creep factor and replaces it with a breakneck pace of constant fighting with the puzzles that are in the game being more annoyances than anything else.  I feel that this really took the soul from the series as it is more than a die hard action beat-em up.
In the end we have a pretty nice beat em up horror themed game with a cool cast and imaginative gameplay. The downside is it really has lost the survival horror feel of the original series.

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