Thursday, September 18, 2014

DVD Movie Review #151 Duck Tales Volume 1

Hello all and welcome back to the next in my strikingly wonderful DVD movie reviews. This time I am covering Duck Tales Volume 1. Disney only released 3 Volumes of Duck Tales which after putting the episodes together resulted in the complete 1st season. This volume has over 20 episodes of Ducky goodness. I got these volumes from the Disney Movie Club for an average of $8 per volume which is a pretty good deal for what you are getting.

This series stars Scrooge McDuck the richest Duck in the world. He loves to hold on to his money so he can swim around in it and love it to death. The only thing Scrooge loves better than saving money is making more of it. With the help of his nephews and rascales like Launch Pad the incompetent pilot or Gyro the eccentric inventor they go on adventures and to make more money and to save his fortune from villains like the Beagle Boys.

Well The animation in this is standard Disney fare and for the time this came out it is done quite well. The episodes are well timed so that you can pick them up from near any point and watch one or two episodes at any time this is true even with the multi-parters but you don't get many of those here. The voice acting is well done and unlike a lot of childhood cartoons that quality holds up pretty well over times. The Music is classic and you get to find out how skilled the writers are at coming up with different versions of the same theme songs :)

The colors on this are not as vibrant as I would like from a Disney Release. This is a slight disappointment as I feel that Disney usually does great work. The Plot lines like many do take a little bit of suspension of disbelief as well as putting aside how many of the characters lack common sense. I mean the Beagle Boys are still wearing their prison numbers even when they are disguised and all the good characters don't seem to see something up? ...Yeah I am also a little sad about the episodes included. How can you have a series without having the Pilot story line (which I consider the best writing in the series). I mean what the heck?! It is a good thing that the episodes can be watched as you go because if you did need plot order you would be lost.

This holds up well in the end but could have been better.

Rating:   7/10

Used:     $7.98

New:     $10.49

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