Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DVD Movie Review #152 Duck Tales Volume 2

Hello again and welcome back to my movie reviews. Today we are reviewing Duck Tales Volume 2. Please feel free to read my volume 1 review to get the full picture here but I will say that I got this pretty cheap from the Disney Movie Club.

This Volume introduces us to Scrooge McDuck the World's richest and stingiest duck. He is living his cheap life finding new ways to save and make money when his relative Donald Duck drops off his three nephews...oh bother. Now they must learn to live together while at the same time going through adventures solving mysteries and making cold hard cash.

Those reading the initial one will say "wait introducing? this is volume 2". Yes I said introducing as Disney thought it Prudent to place the Pilot Story line in this volume. So if you want to start from the beginning with one of the few linear areas of the Duck Stories you should start here. This volume shows that even in multi-episodes stories each episode does do a good job of standing on its own. The music is good and fun as well as the above board voice acting and quality of writing.

Again with the same problems as volume 1 with slightly off writing and believably but then again why are we to believe in humanoid ducks walking around with no pants and making money fighting broccoli monsters from outer space? I think Wizard Magazine said it back years ago when it touted suspension of disbelief is the best way to go about reading a story.  This volume has an awful lot of multi-episode stories (one on each disc) this really tests the pick up any time principle that I quoted above.

Again though this has the Pilot!

Rating:  8/10

Used:   $9.14   Amazon Marketplace

New:     $11.98

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