Friday, September 12, 2014

DVD Movie Review #150 The Motorcycle Diaries

Hello again and we are back with the next in the series of dvd movie reviews and this one brings us to The Motorcycle Diaries. This film was given to me by a friend. If you want you can read his Blog here. This movie is on my list because it won an academy award and I am collecting all the academy award winners as a way to bring class to me collection...yeah I know. We did finally get to watch this movie and I am glad I did.

This movie stars two young doctors from South America going on a journey in order to find themselves going up Chili and Peru and interacting utilizing their skills to pay their way as they go. They find themselves in many adventures and dangers as well as meeting up with many interesting people. This is the true story of the trip that had inspired Che to do his thing in Cuba. You know it may be fun to watch this and follow it with Che though it would be a long day as it is really three movies.

Well this is a foreign language film and I always say that something is lost in translation here. It always will be unless you grow up or are immersed in a language for years. I always feel that the acting is harder to judge on these point as you can never be sure if the inflections are quite right. This is still a good judge of acting I believed that these people were who they claimed to be and it was a very charming experience. The plot was well written adapting from reality and showing off the beauty of South America as it existed in the 50s. Did I mention the beauty of the setting? Well I did but it is worth another mention as this also draws your attention well into the film. The music was beautiful and well integrated into the film and add this with the costume design you are fully immersed in the culture and beauty of South America and the pull on your hear strings with the suffering inherent therein.

Well we are in a foreign film and that means that it does drag a little bit for most Americans who are not art whores. I must admit zoning out a little bit myself at times drawn in by the beautiful setting.

In the end this is well worth a view.

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