Saturday, August 2, 2014

DVD Movie Review #143 Black Death

Hello and welcome back to the next in my lineup of spectacular movie reviews. This is one is a long time coming for the movie Black Death. This is a movie starting Sean Bean and the combination of Mid-evil and supernatural thriller is something that I really wanted to try.

This movie takes place during the darkest part of the Middle Ages with the Black Plague. The church reigns and people are dying all over the place. It is found by the church that a village has managed to survive the plague and that people are even rumored to be brought back from the dead. Together with group of holy knights and a monk looking for love they journey to do battle with the forces of evil but will they survive the town's horrors only to die of the plague?

Well yeah this is a nice dark Middle Ages movie. The acting is pretty good for what I am experiencing in this. The plot is very dark and twisted with an ending the leaves you very sad and yet happy that you don't live during this time. The costume design and makeup are excellent making it quite believable for that time period. I also love the witch she is well acted Kimberly Nixon does an excellent job. The music is not especially wonderful but then again it is what it is.

In the end this is what it is and that is a horror film set in the Middle Ages. This comes complete with mediocre written plot lines and characters. If you are expecting depth then don't come here. Otherwise the plot can move slowly at times so be ready for a yawn now and again.

Rating:   6/10

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