Friday, December 21, 2012

Things We Have in Common

            With so much tragedy surrounding the holidays with shootings, political tension, racial tension and of course the end of the world I decided that a new blog was in order. I believe that as human beings we are for the most part wired fairly similarly and in the spirit of pulling us together I would like to run through a few of them in order to share something positive for the season.

We Don’t like to kill: For the most part humans don’t like to kill each other. Even with violent music lyrics movies and video games there is still a very big difference from this and violence in the real world. Usually people have to be conditioned to kill one another and even then the first part seems difficult and guilt feeling usually seem to follow. Humans do have a violent nature but killing each other tends to bother us greatly. We should take heart that the vast majority of us have to be brought up to kill or have something going wrong with us mentally or physically to bring us to this point.

We Like to be with other people:  Even the most avid hermit tends to go crazy without other human contact. We may not always want people around but the majority of us like to have people in our lives. Pack nature is in our DNA and it show with interest in having close friends and family. Some studies have shown that people who have a fairly social childhood grow up to be more stable individuals and that many seniors that have an active social life tend to live longer. We as people like to be with people and this is a positive thing.

We are typically upset when we see someone crying: I have noticed this a lot working with mental health but everyone seems to get a tinge of feeling when we hear someone that is upset, especially if they are crying. Some of us try to shut it out and go away as others try to help out but almost all of us feel uncomfortable and this is a show that we are not entirely dead to the world around us or devoid of feeling as many people tout about the younger generation. We are attached emotionally to each other for better or for worse. I personally feel this is for the better.

Laughing with others makes us happy: Just like hearing crying provokes emotion, laughter does this as well. I am not talking about mean laugher but about the type of laughter that all can enjoy. It is hard to not feel heartened by the sound of mirth. Just as sadness is infectious our connections also extend to those that are happy around us.

We love to eat together:  Eating is a past time that we all must take part in. Many times we mix socialization and eating (which are both of human favorites). Most of humanity loves to eat and this transcends, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and culture as well as most other differences we might have. Food is a fascinating subject and something that we can all bond over. It is usually hard to find someone who is eating well and remains in a bad mood under most normal circumstances.

We have a love of art and music: Lastly we all love some form of art or music. We are creative creatures and love to experience art either by observing or crafting it. This is something again that transcends all barriers. Even a contract killer can find something that they enjoy musically, or artistically. Creation and enjoyment of art is one of the few things that separates us from most common animals it makes us unique and though we may not all like the same art I can guarantee that every one of us has something that we like.

            I know this was a short list but I want you to ponder on this and anything else that brings us together as people. If you have other ideas please comment and add to the list. We are people first and foremost before we are anything else. Happy holidays to all and luck willing I may share something else in the future.  

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