Thursday, February 14, 2013

Young Guys

Let me start by saying that this blog is primarily about political issues so don’t worry I am only touching on the entertainment scene today. We have recently had the Grammies and the Oscars are upcoming so please pardon me whilst I stray a tad from my focus.

The Big winner at the Grammies of course ended up being the band “Fun” and the star song of the night is their song “We are young”.  I will say that this song is extremely catchy and for the target audience it is an excellent song. That being said I am still not happy with the win.

I am not big on the music industry. I am out of touch today and even when I was in touch I tended to like bands that were popular before my time and odd little indie bands. Today with the big music still hanging around Gangsta Rap, Bubble Gum Pop and Pop Punk wannabes I really have little interest in the current styles but yet this still bothers me.

Here is the Song in Question:

The song is as I said very catchy and will stay in your head for hours due to the really anthemy lyrics and full out chorus. The Lyrics is where I have the main issue. After reading them over and over the song is pretty much about being young and able to work hard during the day and party during the night while your life is out ahead of you and to enjoy it to the fullest. This song is clearly targeted to the audience that tends to run with trendy music being in their late teens and early 20s. This is the crowd that can easily bounce back from a full night of drinking drugging and having sex and then go to work the next day able to do the job.

I know the song is in a bar and usually you only have a few types in a bar but the song can easily be applied to the club scene and to house parties as well where you have more of the drugging and sex going on as well as our late teenagers. Admittantly partying and burning up the night is something that is common amongst this age crowd and this is the crowd that usually listens to new release music where as you go by 25 the new poppy stuff kind of starts to pass you buy. I understood even before I listened to this song that my time is over when it comes to the current music crowd (for me I never really was in it). The song of course is a great energizer for the party age crowd but in a way can be a real downer for anyone who’s age is catching up with them.

Heavy Drinking in late teens and early 20s is just a sign up a good social life but remember once you hit 25 and up it starts looking more and more like alcoholism.

After hearing this song I figured that the group would be a bunch of late teen early twenties kids just hitting the band scene and playing to their generation. I was very surprised to find that even their youngest member is in his late twenties and that the lead singer is in his early 30s. I hear this song now and think to myself “my lord, they are really trying to hold on to those last vestiges of youth”. I say you need to let it go. This is the song they should really have been playing:

Glee did a performance of this song and I believe that it really hit home about the age group that this song is playing to. Go back to the top and consider the band members and their ages then check out this video and think about who is more appropriate to sing this song: (Sorry about the video quality couldn’t find anything better on this one)

Now don’t get me wrong, a friend of mine has told me that many people are still into the party scene well into their 30s and beyond and that the song could be aimed at them. I can tell you by seeing it and by experiencing it on a milder level myself that if you are still out all night most nights drinking it is a sad thing and don’t dare tell me that you aren’t feeling it in the morning or that you can shrug it off the same as your pre-twenty-five self. If you are listening to this song and saying “yeah we’re young lets live it up, bring on the night!” its starting to look sad.

Again don’t get me wrong. Fun is a good band and the song “Some Nights” is really good. They have a good sound and I think they are pretty cool but I really don’t care much for this song being performed by them when it should be looked on by a much younger crowd.

I will leave with a song for people who are in the 25-40 bracket that a good portion of you would remember and is slightly more appropriate:

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