Friday, April 26, 2013

How I'd Save the World Part I: Guns and Voter Fraud

I am starting a series called “How I would Save the world” This is a series showing how I would run things in the United States if I could shape the country myself. I feel that after addressing these issues the world would be a better place.

I am for the most part a left leaning moderate. I believe that there should be a strong but not overreaching federal government mainly for consistency reasons. We need regulations in order to curb certain things such as monopolies and maintaining health and safety within the environment. We also need to decrease some of our stranglehold we have on small business and think before making decisions. Without a proper balance of free market and social programs we would not be the great country we are today.

I know this issue has been discussed in the past but I figure this whole Gun issue is needed to be addressed. I have shown in the past how the 2nd amendment is thought of but not how I would deal with it. First I’d like to state how extremists on the left and right work on. The Second part here is going to be Voter fraud which I think we can solve both issues in one go.

The Right:       There should be no regulation on weapon access or use. It is your second amendment right to protect yourself from real and perceived threats (Castle Doctrine) and it is an affront to freedom think any other way. People who are gunned down aren’t really victims here as they would have been able to live had they either had a weapon of equal power on them or (provided they had a weapon on them) obviously were not trained well enough. This does not know age as a child does not bear protecting after they are born and can obviously fend for themselves.

The Left:         Only the military needs to have guns. Guns are responsible for all the shooting deaths in the country and the people who use the guns are just as much the victims as the people who are shot. We need to take away all those nasty guns and then there would be no more homicides in America. Remember violence is never the answer.

I know these are the extremes (though many of you will find at least one of these to be appropriate J ) I just wish to express a point and many of the people here are on one level of the spectrum in these directions.

My view: I believe that people should be able to have access to weapons in a limited form. I think that restrictions should be made as they are now (no explosives, no heavy rapid fire weapons, no nukes). So I am fine with the legal weapons that are currently available. No further bans no further weapons made legal.

Concealed Carry: The regulations for this are pretty good so I don’t feel that there are major issues. I believe that for the most part these are fine again no need to change in this regard. Matter of fact I will probably get rid of this status entirely and allow all that meet the qualifications to carry to conceal their weapon if they wish.

Places allowed to carry: Pretty Much anywhere. If you want to carry and work at a daycare or go to class I think this should be fine.

Age of Carry: I think that so long as the child is able to carry at nearly any age so long as they can handle the gun but up until age 18 I think that the child will need to be linked to the parent (who needs to be qualified to carry). If a child is found to commit a crime or to have killed someone or themselves with the gun then the parent will be charged with the crime as if they did so themselves.

Adult Carry: Many people for no restrictions on guns uphold that people are allowed to drive cars without any restrictions and they are just as dangerous. This is of course a lie as there are many restrictions on driving. I think we need to handle guns at a similar rate requiring a license to carry. This will be a picture ID so you can utilize this to vote. YAY!!!

First off as this is a right to American Citizens you will be required to be one in order to have the license to carry. You will need to provide proof of citizenship much like you would if you were to obtain an American drivers license and the regulations for determining this and for the DMV photo ID cards can be used for this purpose.

Much like with a driver’s license you will be required to pass a test of your skill and knowledge of firearms such as how to properly care for your guns how to shoot the guns and how to store the guns. This will be a practical and a written exam followed by a renewal minor test that is not as hard but shows you still are keeping up your skill level a bit. This will reduce the level of accidents. Renewal will be every 2 years.  

Background checks will be required for the gun license but will no longer be required by the gun seller as all you’ll need to do is present your license. Much like with a drivers license there will be stiff penalties for forging them with jail time and revocation of any future right to this license. Felony history should only be limited to violent felonies (a person committing check fraud should not be a risk). People with Violent felonies should be allowed to have this right again after 10 years of no further crimes but if there is a second violation there will be no forgiveness.

Mental Health will be evaluated on a case by case basis and a license can be obtained if a written note is provided by a psychiatrist and a licensed therapist/case manager that is currently seeing the individual for a minimum of 6 months and deems them stable. This must be repeated again at renewal. The licensing board can revoke this at any time if the psychiatrist or case manager contacts the board with reported increased instability. This will allow for more fairness as most people with mental illness do not harm anyone but will keep weapons out of the hands of people who are dangerous to themselves or others.

Laws will become more stringent on those who own weapons. Like with a car weapons are not to be utilized while under the influence so if you intend to drink you don’t drive and you don’t wear your piece its quite simple. If a cop sees you stumbling and your shotgun is strapped to your back they have the ability to give you a breath test much like they would if they saw you swerving around in the car. If you get a charged you can get your license yanked and of course have to pay a fine to get it back and of course if you get three of these then you lose your license for good. I think DUI laws can be similar. If anyone gets shot and killed while under the influence this will be treated as 1st degree murder as you should know better.

Of course self defense does come into play but I don’t believe in this perceived threat crap. Drawing on someone is one thing but if you fire then you will need to answer for it regardless of the circumstance. You may not be charged with anything but I do not sanction killing unless there is a darn good reason.

Voter Fraud

The Left: There is no such thing as voter fraud you should just be able to walk up to any polling place and vote, call the voting place and vote or hey vote online. If you want to place any restrictions on this you are a racist and an evil evil person. Our troops can’t be trusted as they may be brainwashed so we should restrict their ability to vote so as to make sure they fight as hard for this right as they do in battle oversea.

The Right: There is a ton of voter fraud. Almost every American citizen is republican so any democrat that wins has to be by voter fraud. I mean in the last two elections democrats carted in millions of Mexicans to illegally vote which is the only reason the guy won. We need to restrict the vote as heavily as possible denying the right to any felon and any legal voter should just as easily be able to stand in line on just one day of the year with their birth certificate and picture id in hand. In the case of our troops we can trust them all the way and they should be able to vote at whatever pace and however they are able.

Of course again I am talking in extremes I think that there is an easy way to handle this. It will take some time but again I think that it will work just as well. I think that there is an easy identity source: fingerprinting. Every citizen has the option of getting finger printed and they can have the DMV use a scanner which will then be all that is needed to print out an ID. If you are home bound they can simply have a little kit where you simply send your thumb print with your vote and the deal is done. This system can also be used for the guns as well allowing for easy id and less likely forgery.

For those of you who are not happy with the idea of tracking. You are probably not a big fan of the government anyway so you are not as likely to vote. If you are stocking up on guns for the big uprising you are also not likely to be purchasing guns legally anyway as the weaponry needed for a full takeover isn’t likely to be at your local gun shop so you have the option of keeping off of the radar and being free of the system. 

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