Sunday, November 4, 2012

Political Inundation

I am sure that most of you will be very very happy at the end of this election cycle. I myself do have hopes for the outcome of the election but no matter who wins the sun will still rise we'll still continue to seek or go to work things for the most part will remain the same with the exception of one important thing: Political Ads.

Every time a big election comes in things get this way but this year is especially important which is the supreme court allowing corporate money to go into the political world. With More money inundating the process and large corporations getting involved our politicians are not only even more indebted to Corporate america (leaving them less concerned with the needs of the people) but there are now Super PACs,

The Super PACs are very special organizations that use their massive coffers to support a candidate weather they want the support or not. As the candidate does not necessarily support these organizations they can get away with things that no one has before making the elections since some of the dirtiest nastiest elections in history (and this can only get worse with time).

There are several things that our political figures and those that want to lend their aid (allowing them a measure of control over the candidate) use to try and influence the people:

Political Mailer: I have been lining my cat's litter box with these. It seems that almost every day i get at least 2 of them sometimes two of the same one. This is a good way to get to the undecided person by trying to force the person's name, image and attacks. The Attacks don't have to be true for this to work they just have to be constant. I don't really like political Mailers but I do like that they are helping fund the US Mail. 

TV/Radio Political Ads: This has got to be the dirtiest of things. I know both sides will say "I don't know what you're saying my side is totally clean it's their side using dirty ads". Let's face it TV/Radio Political ads from both sides have brought down the quality of our media. I am glad that I for the most part watch DVDs and try and keep away from the filth on the air. The attacks reach the most people as  political mailers can be discarded easily. As this is the case these ads are by far the most vicious and tend to only use bare scraps of truth. In the end if you see a political TV ad or hear a Radio ad expect 90% lies, 5% truth and 5% filler (that has nothing to do with politics).

Political Phone Calls: These tend to come in two type: Survey's and Robocalls. Surveys tend to seem innocent at first but in the end you have about a 60% chance that this is not a real survey this is an attempt by the group to find out how you are going to vote and then to either start flooding your phone with Robocalls or to try and convince you on the spot to vote for their candidate. Robocalls are even worse as they pull from the Radio ads and in these days of high money politics they are no longer what they used to be which was mostly "personal" calls from the candidates to mostly rehashes of expensive radio advertising. What is worse is that you can't escape them by not answering as they will fill up your answering service with their garbage. In the end no one is safe unless they decide to disconnect their phone for the entire election year.

 Computer Pop Ups: I really REALLY hate these! You're Surfing the web minding your own business then you are forced to look at a picture of Governor Romney's left butt cheek and an add saying how much smoother it is than the President's. These adds are usually the standard attacks and BS that you are used to but many of these you are forced to sit through in order to get to your content. You're computer is literally hijacked by the political money spenders. It is times like these that you want to just get rid of the computer all together.

 Political Spamming: You get these emails all the time. Sadly they are usually from the party you support and they are always looking for money. If you have ever given to or signed up at a political sight you will rue the day you showed your support for a candidate as you will be sent constant emails with headings like "We are doing great but we are only one centimeter behind please give $3 today". Your current donation is never enough for them. You could give these people 5 Million daily and they would still be asking for more. Do yourself a favor and if you decide to contribute to a political campaign, make it anonymous.

Political Posts on Facebook: I am also guilty of this nasty little pleasure. You see something that shocks you on facebook and decide to share or like it and then the warring begins. Many times people do not double check the facts of these especially if they think their party is always right. Many of you reading this probably feel you are the exemption but those who think this are the most guilty of all. This gets even worse if you have someone that is your friend posting stuff from the other side of the political isle. When you se these posts, many of which you know are lies you feel like firing back so you grab the first thing you see and fire it back. In the end the best thing for everyone in the end is to stop sharing or liking articles as all you're doing is spreading the filth around.

Well in the end no matter who wins I will be glad to see these ads stop running and people can go back to the research so they can fire it up again in the next 2 years.

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