Saturday, November 3, 2012

True Predictions

The Election: I believe that Governor Romney will win the election this year. I know you have to wonder if you are a democrat and thought your candidate would win by a landslide you have not been doing your homework and been listening to the hype.

There are many reasons that Governor Romney will win the election and one is the unemployment numbers which is 7.9% on the most recent reading which is the highest of any incumbent president coming into an election. In history if the economy is bad the president loses this is plain and simple. This has been tried and true since the founding of our country. People vote with their wallets its just how things are. If President Bush had been able to run for a third term he would have lost due to this issue no matter who he ran against.

The Second reason would be the whole mess on foreign affairs. It is starting to come out in the investigation that it is possible that the president lied directly to the American people and he was caught doing it. I agree on this issue that the American people don’t have the right to know everything going on in foreign affairs and things weren’t as fouled up as pundits point out but lying about it is not the solution. The people will likely feel hurt and betrayed by the president and will stay home. For those of you who are getting all defensive about this issue I have one message, “This doesn’t apply to you”. I am talking about the people who are sick of this election and want nothing to do with it but lean enough to the left to vote democrat if they get to the polls. 

Lastly I believe that the Democrats are very overconfident in their win. Many of them feel that the election is going to go their way and they will stay home. I have heard quite a few people say that the poll numbers are much farther apart than are reported. There are also many democrat voters who won’t go to the polls as they listen to the republican pundits that Governor Romney is going to win by a landslide and won’t see the point in going out. Lastly many voters are confused with the multitude of voting law restrictions that are being passed state by state and they don’t know if they can vote or don’t want the bother of learning the new requirements. There are people that think they need to take their birth certificate to the voting booth (I kid you not).

I have a little tidbit for my republican friends that are probably looking at this and saying “damn straight”.

Don’t get overconfident.

Many pundits on the republican side predict a landslide victory for Governor Romney and I do not believe that this is the truth. This will be a close election and even though I don’t believe the President will get a second term I will concede that he still has a shot at winning this if the republicans do not stay on their game.

The major issue is the Republican Candidate. Governor Romney was never loved by his party base but managed to push his way through with lukewarm support of “he’s the only one that can win” and lots and lots of money. You may hear supporters talk about how much they love the Governor but if you go back to the Primaries they would give you a different story.

The Governor is not a stable candidate on the issues he reports. This is a good counter to the white house lies as many realize that they would get the same from a President Romney. He continues to change stances on issues throughout his history and the campaign. No one really knows for sure what the Governor will do in his administration and just because he has a tea party vice president does not mean that he is going to be a tea party president.

There are issues of race involved in this but I do not feel qualified to discuss these points here. I will say that it will be a factor one way or another in this election.

This is my prediction for the election outcome. If you don’t like my prediction then get out and vote, get your friends out to vote, energize your community to get out and vote. Each vote counts and by no means is this race over.

The one thing that I am sure that we can all agree on is that election day can’t come soon enough for me I am ready to get past the hate and put our differences aside again. Election years like this divide America worse than anything else please don’t let your political differences make you enemies. In the end it is the person not their political affiliation that is important in the end.

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