Monday, July 15, 2013

Notice of things to come

I had decided to stop political blogging after realizing what king of pain one inflicts when doing political blogging or facebook posting as I am not a professional political writer or candidate. Remember this before you like or repost or blog political: “you are only causing anger and agitation for others, dump your addiction and grow up.”

As a result I am changing the format of this blog to one that spans entertainment. I may not have a professional license to entertain but I am an avid movie collector who’s collection is over 3000 strong and holds a lot of variety. I enjoy movies and TV of most types and in my collection you can definitely find a little bit of everything.

I am of course not talking about entertainment buzz. I am not about who is going out with who or which celebrity decided to start a fight with a homeless person drunk in the back of a dump truck (though I might read that article). I do care mostly about what is upcoming in sequels adaptations or what is up and coming from certain directors or actors (I will admit I have almost all of Johnny Depp’s acting credits represented in my collection as well as having all of Quentin Tarantino’s full length director credits).

I hope that this will renew my Blog’s traffic and awareness as well as my activity. I hope many of you enjoyed my political rants and they are still present if you wish to enjoy them but those chapters are past and with hope this will be very a very enjoyable change.    

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